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KORG PA4X-61 Interaktivt keyboard

Varenummer: 175259
61 semi veide tangenter. KORGs arranger-keyboards har blitt brukt av et hundretall profesjonelle musikere rundt om i hele verden

Vanlig pris kr 35 795,00

Kampanjepris kr 32 900,00

Lagerstatus: Fjernlagervare-skaffes normalt innen få virkedager,hvis leverandør har på lager. Kontakt meg for leveringstid i disse Corona tider.

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Avansert arrangementskeyboard med 61 semi-veide tangenter, mer enn 1500 lyder, sampling, over 500 styles, digitale drawbars, intern SMF Style Converter og TC Helicon Voice Processor.

Do it with Style


Each Style is a fully realized musical environment dedicated to reproducing a specific musical genre, and the Pa4X is packed with over 500* of them. Play along with these styles which cover song styles from around the world, from the past right up to today. These highly-versatile Styles have been created by KORG’s international sound team to provide an extremely musical experience. New Styles have been added, and many cherished Styles have been brought up to date with new sounds, enhanced effects, and re-balanced mixing. In addition to drums, percussion, and bass, each Style can provide up to five additional instrument parts that follow your chord changes and voicings, as well as the tempo. Guitar Mode 2 makes the Style’s guitar tracks more authentic than ever before possible. In addition, each Style can be enhanced by using the four Pads. Each Pad can add a one-time or repeating riff, a percussion part, an accent sound, or even a sound effect. You can even program your own Pad riffs and phrases. And of course, each Style features an assortment of Intros, Variations, Breaks, Fill-Ins, Endings—even a count-in. You may also create your own brand-new Styles, or customize the existing ones. The convenient Chord Sequencer function can quickly record and loop your chord progressions on the fly in Style Play mode; this can be useful not only for practice, but for freeing up your left hand while performing live. These Chord Sequences can now be also saved as Style and SongBook entries for easy recall.

The latest Styles – today!
Thanks to an all new built in SMF (Standard  MIDI File to Style converter), you can quickly and easily have on board styles of the latest songs! Just obtain a new Standard MIDI File, load it into the Pa4X and the inbuilt converter will easily and quickly turn it into a full KORG style which you can save and recall any time you need it. Every function band musician will love the combination of latest styles and incredible KORG sound!

Studio quality-effects


KORG is known for studio-quality effects, and the Pa4X includes the best of the KORG library. 4 Insert and 3 Master effects can be used for the accompaniment tracks, while 1 Insert and 2 Master effects can be used for the real-time keyboard tracks. Over 140 effect types are available, including reverbs, delays, vintage stomp box simulations, amp and cabinet simulators and more. In addition, each track features an EQ with Low, Mid and High controls, and a custom track EQ can be memorized in the Song Play mode—allowing your song to sound its best in any environment. The final effects are the result of KORG’s long term cooperation with Waves Audio®, the world reference in studio mastering effects. The included Waves MAXX AUDIO™ suite delivers sound that is louder and clearer, easily adapting the sound to your musical taste or correcting a problematic live scenario.

TC Helicon® Voice Processor


KORG’s long term cooperation with the world leader in vocal harmonies, TC Helicon®, continues in the Pa4X. The TC Helicon Voice Processor ensures that your vocals have the highest possible sound quality: up to 4 realistic harmony voices are available, and all can be controlled using the keyboard or MIDI events. Available vocal effects include Double, µMod, Reverb, Delay, Filter, HardTune, Pitch Correction plus Compressor, EQ, Gate, etc. Dedicated knobs (3) and buttons (3) for controlling the most important Voice Processor functions have been added to the top panel and placed within easy reach. The Adaptive Mic Setting—another KORG exclusive— monitors the input signal and auto-adjusts parameters such as the Adaptive Gate, EQ, Compression and the De-Esser to make the vocals sound smooth and “studio produced.” Just plug your microphone into the balanced XLR connection (phantom power available) and let the Pa4X do the rest!



KORG’s XDS Dual Player & Recorder features a crossfade slider for providing non-stop entertainment; load one as the other plays, then crossfade between them—or create a playlist for automatic playback. Two different MP3 or MIDI files can be played simultaneously. MIDI files and even MP3 files can be transposed, sped up or slowed down. There is also a Marker Function to allow direct jumps to a given position in the song, or to create loops between song sections. The “MP3+G” (also known as MP3+Graphics) format and other popular lyric formats are supported. This feature allows MP3 files to play with lyrics and graphics that can be displayed on the built-in display or on an external monitor—or both. The Vocal Remover quickly eliminates the vocal track from MP3 songs—ideal for live karaoke! The 16-track recorder allows sophisticated levels of sequencing and editing, and also provides quick and easy song creation using the Backing Sequence and Style functions. The Pa4X can record your entire performance; you can play back a song, play the keyboard, sing along, and everything will be recorded and saved as an MP3 file. You can then play that MP3 file again to add a further keyboard track or voice using the well known “sound on sound” technique. Using the note data saved in a MIDI file, the Pa4X can display traditional musical notation with notes and/or chords, together with lyrics and chord abbreviations. This sophisticated Score Viewer can be seen on the internal TouchView™ screen, or displayed on an external video monitor. Chord names can also be seen in English or Italian.

The SongBook


Particularly helpful for live use, the SongBook is a fully programmable and easily searchable Music Database. Each entry contains all the settings required to play a particular song. The SongBook can save and access Styles, MIDI files, or MP3s and immediately recall settings such as the song title, genre, artist, tempo, volumes, sounds, muted tracks, FX settings, easy-edit parameters, 4 keyboard sets, 4 pads, TC Helicon® presets, master transpose, and much, much more. Everything needed to play your song back perfectly is in the SongBook. This incredibly useful performance feature is another KORG exclusive. A more refined Filter feature allows you to search for entries using a combination of different criteria, such as all songs containing “love” in the title AND classified as a “ballad”. The SongBook includes also a renewed Set List function, with a convenient panel-button association for fast recall, to make life easier during live gigs. With the SongBook Editor you can easily view, create, and edit your KORG Pa-Series SongBook entries and Set Lists using a Windows based computer. It can also be synchronized with iOS and Android tablets to become your handy external digital music sheet reader (third-party software required).

Connectivity, Data Storage, and Updates

In addition to the Main Left and Right outputs, the Pa4X includes two additional assignable outputs. This can be ideal for isolating a part for additional signal processing or feeding an external mixer. A headphone output is conveniently located on the front panel. The microphone input uses an XLR connector, and phantom power is available. For inputs, the Pa4X provides a pair of balanced 1/4" inputs (Line 1) and a stereo 1/8" jack (Line 2) for use with smartphones, mobile devices, etc. MIDI In, Out, and Thru connectors are provided, as well as a USB to computer (Device) port. The composite RCA video output delivers the score and lyric display (or simply mirrors the internal display) to an external monitor.

- See more at: http://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/pa4x/page_2.php#sthash.25SDDLzU.dpuf

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• Keyboard: 61 keys ( Semi–veide anslagsfølsomme tangenter med aftertouch • Lydgenerator: EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) Filters med Resonance – 3-bånds EQ for hvert spor • Polyfoni; 128 stemmer, 128 Oscillatorer • Effekter: Accompaniment/Song: 4 Insert effekter; 3 Master effekter (142* Typer). Keyboard Tracks: 1 Insert Effekter; 2 Master Effekter (142* Typer) Final Mastering Effects: Waves Audio Ltd. MAXX Suite: Inkluderer MaxxEQ™, MaxxBass™, MaxxTreble™, MaxxStereo™, MaxxVolume™ • Voice Processor Technology by TC Helicon®: 4-part Harmonizer, Double, µMod, Reverb, Delay, Filter, HardTune, Pitch Correction; plus Compressor, EQ, Gate • Sounds / Drumkits: Factory: fler enn 1,500 Factory-lyder, inkl. et nytt multilayer Stereo Piano med damper/body resonance, GM/XG sound sets og mer enn 90 Drumkits. User Area: 512 lyder, 128 Drumkits. Digital Drawbars: 9 fot, Percussion, Key av/på, “Leakage” (Effektseksjonen inkluderer rotary speaker) User PCM RAM Minne: 400 MB • Sampling: Load KORG, Wav, AIFF og SoundFont™ format. Save KORG, Wav og AIFF format. Full Editering, Time Slice etc. • Styles: Mer enn 500 Styles fra fabrikk. 1,872 plasser inkl. User banks m.m. 8 Style tracks, 4 Keyboard Sets, 4 Pads og 1 stk Style Setting pr Style. Guitar Mode 2, Parallel og Fixed NTT. Style Record med Step Record, Track og Event Edit-funksjoner. Style-kontroller: 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Break, 3 Endings, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Bass Inversion, Auto Fill, Manual Bass, Memory, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Style to KBD Set Mode • Chord Sequencer: Chord Sequence recorder i Style Play mode. Lagre Chord Sequence i Style og SongBook-innmating. Edit-funksjoner: delete, copy from Style/SongBook, import/export from/to SMF • Song Play: Patententert XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer Player med X-Fader Balansekontroll. Format som støttes: MID, KAR, MP3 + lyrics, MP3+G. 2 spillere med separat Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind og Fast Forward-kontroller. Lyrics, Score, og Chord data kan vises i displayet eller på ekstern videomonitor. Markers med Add, Delete, Edit og Loop-funksjoner. Jukebox-funksjon • MP3 Player / Recorder: Doble MP3-spillere og MP3-Recorder. Transponering (+6/-5 semitoner) Tempobytte (±30%). Advanced Vocal Remover. Spill inn MP3-filer inkl. Styles, SMF, MP3, Keyboard Tracks, Pads, Mikrofon og effekter • Sequencer: Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack og Step Record-funksjoner. Fullfunksjons sequencer, 16 tracks, opp til 200,000 events, SMF native format • SongBook: Fullt programmerbar musikkdatabase, basert på Styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 med automatisk valg av Style Play og Song Play-leier • Kompatibilitet: "i-Serien": Styles. “Pa-Serien”: Style, Performance, Program/Sound, Song, SongBook, Pad • Pads: 4 Assignable Pads + Stop Button - Pad Record function • Generelle kontroller: Master Volume; Fade In/Out; Keyboard-Acc/Song Balance Volume; Ensemble; Octave Transpose; Master Transpose; Quarter Tone and Arabic Scale memorized inside Keyboard Sets; Joystick (pitch + modulation); Ribbon; Mic Volume; Harmony/Double; Delay/Reverb; Mic Preset; Mic On/Off; Harmony On/Off; Double On/Off; 8 Assignable Sliders; Slider Mode; MP3 Volume; 3 Assignable Switches; Tempo +/-; Tempo Lock; Metronome On/Off; Dial; Up/+; Down/-; Search; Shift; Chord Scan (Lower, Upper); Split; Keyboard Tracks Sound Select and On/Off; Record. • Innganger: Damper pedal (støtte for half-pedaling med DS-1H pedal, ekstra tilbehør). Assignable pedal/switch. EC5 multiswitch pedal • Mic/Line-innganger: Mic: Combo XLR balansert med Gainkontroll og Phantom Power. Line 1: Left/Right Jack (1/4") Line-inngang, balansert. Line 2: Stereo Mini-jack (1/8") Line-ingang, ubalansert • Utganger: Audio Output: Left/Right, Out 1, Out 2; (1/4" TRS) balansert. Hodetelefonutgang x 1. Video-ut x 1, RCA-type • MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU standard MIDI-tilkobling. USB til MIDI via USB Device port • USB: Type A (Host) x 2. Type B (Device) x 1. 2.0 Hi-Speed-tilkoblinger • Lagring: Harddisk: Pa4X 76 (Standard) Pa4X 61 (ekstra tilbehør – Hard Disk Installation Kit trengs også) Micro SD-kort: (Kort følger ikke med) USB Flash Drive: (USB-minne følger ikke med) • Display: 7” Wide capacitive TouchView™ TFT i farger • AC – Strømforbruk: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz < 0.5 Watt i standby / 16 Watt normal / 38 Watt med PaAS installert • Mål (W x D x H) uten notestativ Pa4X-61: 980 x 364.4 x 125.56 mm / 38.58" x 14.35" x 4.94" med display fullt nedfelt. Pa4X-61: 980 x 364.4 x 207.43 mm / 38.58" x 14.35" x 8.17" med display fullt oppslått. • Vekt: Pa4X-61: 13.9 kg / 30.64 lbs, Pa4X-76: 16.3 kg / 35.93 lbs