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Roland Dallape lyder på USB stick

SKU: 167904
7 komplette Dallapa trekkspill til FR3X,7X og 8X piano og knappespill ,
kr 395,00

Lagerstatus: Fjernlagervare - skaffes normalt innen 3-8 virkedager.



On 14 September 2010 Roland and Dallapé joined forces to  give birth to a great project, that is bound to become another
landmark in music history. Dallapé’s historical models like the “1871”, “Liturgica” and many others, that are displayed at the Accordion Museum in Stradella, can now be played again by all   accordionists and lovers of such epoch-making instruments. How can this be possible? A smart package with USB memory
has been released by Roland containing the sounds of these historical acoustic accordions, that were obtained by means of a sophisticated and refined sampling process.  The Dallapé sound library is now available as a sound expansion package dedicated to all Roland V-Accordion models belonging to the “x” series.


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