QUIK LOK Keyboardbenk med tykk setepute.

kr 1 295,00
Fjernlager (1-2 uker levering)

Deluxe keyboard bench with large extra-thick seat cushion and durable, textured vinyl seat covering. The BX-718 bench uses a superior, heavy duty, unique height adjustment system with double steel rails and locking system with double steel rails and dual spring-loaded pins on each leg for safe and secure height adjustments. Simply loosen lock screws, pinch together the spring-loaded pins, slide leg to one of four height positions, pins snap into place and then retighten lock screws

Produsent Quik
 Depth: 0 cm Width: 60 cm Thickness: 8 cm Height positions: 47 to 60.5 cm Leg width positions: 40 to 54 cm Weight capacity: 135 kg Weight: 5 kg