Medeli MK401 keyboard 61 tangenter med følbarhet. Innebygd sampler for opptak av egne lyder.


Dette flotte keyboardet fra Medeli har utrolig mange muligheter. Innebygd mulighet for å sample egne lyder. Fin for unge som ønsker å eksperimentere med lydmuligheter. Ypperlig for den som også vil være litt DJ. Det følger med strømforsyning, men det kan også benyttes batterier.  

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The XY-pad allows for a simple gesture of the finger to drastically alter the sound. This allows you to give your performance even more expression. There are several presets on board with which you can control different parameters. Below is an overview of the effects that can be controlled.
- LPF (Low Pass Filter)
- HPF (High pass filter)
- Resonance
- Reverb
- Delay
- Sidechain
No idea what is meant above? Don't panic! The MK401's user-friendly interface immediately challenges you to play with all its possibilities.

The MK401 is equipped with a microphone that sits above the display. By recording a sample (of a voice for example) the keyboard will automatically transpose this sample and extend it over the entire keyboard. So playing a background chorus on your instrument becomes a piece of cake. Besides the fact that this can result in very funny voice distortions, this tool can also be used very musically after a little practic

Keybed: 61 keys with touch response Display: backlit LCD Polyfonie: 64 Voices: 600 + 5 sampling Styles: 200 Registration Memory: 4 x 6 banken Songs: 200 preset, Music Tutorial System Connections: DC-power, USB-MIDI / USB audio, headphone / output (6,3 mm jack), input (3,5 mm jack), microphone (6,3 mm jack), pedal sustain (6,3 mm jack), SD card slot Amplifier: 2 x 15 watt Speakers: 2 x 12 cm Dimensions: 956 x 360 x 118 mm Power supply: DC 12 volt/1000mA of 6 x AA batteries Weight: 5,1 kg Included accessories: power supply (MAD 12/1000), music stand, manual